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My Approach 

My areas of expertise include helping people experiencing anxiety, OCD, relationship conflicts, trauma, life transitions, and the challenges tied to self-identity. Central to my approach is recognizing your existing strengths (we all have them!) while exploring your beliefs, desires, and motivations that shape your identity and experiences. Drawing from my background and passion for music, philosophy, and writing, I enrich our therapeutic journey with creative endeavors and profound insights. 


Together, we'll take a deep dive into your unconscious, fearlessly embracing transpersonal changes that hold profound meaning. My commitment involves embracing an integrative multicultural perspective to support you effectively. By combining psychoanalytic, existential, cognitive-behavioral, and somatic approaches, I tailor the therapeutic process to your unique needs. Employing diverse and personalized integrative methodologies, I aim to grasp your essence and facilitate your self-discovery.


My approach is deeply rooted in the creation of inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive spaces. As a Latina, I stand by and advocate for BIPOC, sex-positive, LGBTQ+, and marginalized communities. I also share a special bond with artists and creatives, aiding them in navigating the uncertainties that accompany both the creative journey and daily life.

My Story

I was born and raised in Venezuela. In 2014, I immigrated to the United States due to my home country’s deteriorating sociopolitical situation. Soon enough, during my first semester at Miami Dade College, I transitioned from my long dedication to music to pursuing my innate passion for understanding the human psyche and the life-saving role of psychotherapy. This passion evolved into intense curiosity, leading me to volunteer as a research assistant. This experience allowed me to gain insights into clinical research with a diverse population in Miami, and I was honored with several awards for my research presentations.


To continue my educational journey, I transferred to the University of Miami, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (with a minor in Philosophy) and received Departmental Honors for my Senior Honors Thesis. To chase my childhood dreams, I relocated to NYC with the aspiration of pursuing graduate studies in psychology and expanding my involvement in psychological research, particularly focusing on mental health and the arts. I completed my Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling at New York University while accumulating clinical hours at a private practice offering psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and groups in the NYC area. Alongside my clinical work, I work as a college consultant, guiding students toward success and helping them realize their personal, academic, and professional growth.


Beyond these achievements, I am a sentient and creative being. I am passionate about music (including singing, playing instruments, songwriting, and music production). I also enjoy engaging in profound conversations while making someone smile with my occurrences. I possess a natural curiosity about people and relish the opportunity to learn new things every day.

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